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Available in the US from 12 February 2019.

The Beast's Heart FINAL

Set in seventeenth-century France, it is a luxuriously magical retelling of the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale – from the point of view of the Beast. Both the writing and story-telling are lush and evocative, rich and achingly exquisite; this novel is the epitome of psychological depth and descriptive beauty.

– Thorne Ryan, Editor of The Beast’s Heart, Hodder & Stoughton

Short fiction:

unnaturalorderBruises black and blue

“Bruises black and blue” in Unnatural Order, edited by Alis Franklin and Lyss Wickramasinghe. A dark and nasty fairy tale about monsters.

Bright hair

“Bright Hair”, published on Daily Science Fiction. A very twisted fairy tale. It’s free. And only 184 words long. Go on. Go read it.

Aurealis #95


“Breathing” in Aurealis #95, edited by Stephen Higgins. A science fiction story about love and lies and the weight of unspoken tragedy.

Received a 3 star rating on Tangent Online’s 2016 Recommended Reading List

Strange Little Girls
Strange Little Girls

Pretty Jennie GreenteethAurealis Awards - Winner.jpg

“Pretty Jenny Greenteeth” in Strange Little Girls, by Belladonna Publishing. A nasty story about how little girls deal with monsters.

Winner of the 2016 Aurealis Award for Best YA Short Story.

The Never Never Land

Adventure Socks

The Never Never Land, edited by Mitchell Akhurst, Phillip Berrie and Ian McHugh.

A whimsical story about escaping an old-age home using the power of friendship and magical knitting.

The End Has Come
The End Has Come

Wandering Star

The End Has Come, edited by John Joseph Adams and Hugh Howey, 2015

As a museum catalogue describes a hastily handmade quilt, a relic of a near-future global catastrophe, the scraps of fabric it is fashioned from reveal its creator’s heartbreak in the last days before the disaster.

Aurealis #74
Aurealis #74

Music for an Ivory Violin

Aurealis #74, September 2014

When a young, impoverished musician is given a gift of a strange violin made entirely of ivory, he cannot refuse, although he soon finds its remarkable music holds a terrible secret.

Included on Ellen Datlow’s 2014 full recommended reading list for Best Horror of the Year, Volume 7.

Use Only As Directed

The Blue Djinn’s Wish

Use Only As Directed, ed. Simon Petrie and Edwina Harvey, Peggy Bright Books, 2014

A curious princess finds a bottle containing an irascible genie with three wishes to bestow. But the princess has nothing to wish for.

ebook: Amazonall other formats


A Little Warning

Next, ed. Rob Porteous and Simon Petrie, 2013

A new pair of spectacles enables a well-meaning but short-sighted Victorian spinster to see more than she ever expected – or wanted – to see.

Hardcopy; ebook: Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Kobo

It Caught Up With Me

A flash fic piece for distribution at the Conflux 8 convention in Canberra, Australia, in September 2012.

Read it on the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild website!

Winds of Change
Winds of Change

The Tether of Time

Winds of Change, ed. Elizabeth Fitzgerald, 2011

A Norse cheiftain’s daughter, cursed to sleep for 100 years, haunts the arctic seas in her ghost ship. Now, the last day of the 100th year is drawing close.

Hardcopy; ebook: SmashwordsKoboApple iBookBarnes & Noble

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