Fairy tale Friday!


Here I am over at Angela Rega’s blog answering her searching questions about fairy tales…

This week’s Fairy Tale Friday is writer,  Leife Shallcross. Leife lives in Canberra, Australia, with her family and a small, scruffy creature that snores. She reads fairy tales to her children at night, and then lies awake listening to trolls (or maybe possums) galloping over her tin roof. Her work has appeared in…[see more]



Strange Little Girls



Here is an announcement I make with much excitement. Belladonna Publishing has announced the table of contents for its upcoming anthology, Strange Little Girls,  and I’m in it!

My story Pretty Jennie Greenteeth will be appearing in it, alongside another favourite Australian writer of mine, Angela Rega.

And just look at that art! *Swoons*