Aurealis #74: out now!

Aurealis #74 is now available, and includes my new story, Music for an Ivory Violin.


Here’s what they have to say about this issue:

In this issue we feature Imogen Cassidy’s ‘Soul Partner’, an urban fantasy gumshoe pastiche with some original touches, and Leife Shallcross’ creepy and engrossing ‘Music for an Ivory Violin’. Chris Large brings some thoughtful silliness with his ‘When a Jedi Should Think Twice About Bringing a Knife to a Gunfight’, and Stephen Higgins continues his SF’s Sacred Cows with Asimov’s Foundation.

I hope you enjoy it!

New story: Music for an Ivory Violin

New story coming out next month!

This one is called Music for an Ivory Violin, and will be in Aurealis magazine #74, coming out in September.

It’s a little darker than the other stories I’ve had published to date, and is one of those where the idea lurked around in the back of my mind for literally years before one day the story just came spilling out. I think that was one of those nights I ended up having to get up and just write, because there was just no way I was going to go to sleep once this tale started taking form.

And this makes it two stories out this year, which is a record for me.

My beloved fiddle. Doesn't get brought out nearly as much as it should.
My beloved fiddle. Doesn’t get brought out nearly as much as it should.