7 line challenge


So, my good friend Chris Andrews has tagged me in the 7 line challenge.

The 7 line challenge goes like this: you go to page 7 (or page 77, just to give you a bit of choice) of your manuscript, go down 7 lines, then put the next 7 lines of text onto your blog. You then tag 7 people to do the same (I expect that might be a challenge…)

My 7 line challenge teaser comes from the manuscript I’m currently finishing off, with a working title of ‘Jack’. See if you can guess why.

‘I name you Jack,’ she whispers, and all the folk of the forest grow still and silent, lest one drop of one word escape their furred and pointed ears.

‘For all faerie hosts must have a Jack, a Jack who knows their secrets, a Jack who lives among them, a Jack who plays among them, and stays among them. A Jack whose heart is yet mortal and will never find satisfaction but from among his mortal kin. And Jack you shall be, and strong and hale and brave, all these I give you. And even more, Jack, you shall be lucky. I give you the luck of the faerie folk and may it be your best companion.’

Let’s see if I can find 7 people to tag now…

Ay up, first tag is Simon Petrie, sometime editor of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine! Wonder what he will have to offer…? Find out here.