Glimmers of sun in the pouring rain

aurealis-95In a week that has spelled disappointment, grief and gloom for many of us, I’ve had a few small, personal glimmers of sunlight. Here’s one. A lovely review of my story Breathing, out in the recent Aurealis #95, from Kat Day over at Tangent online. She’s given it a “highly recommended” (squee!) Achievement unlocked.

A lovely piece of work, very thought-provoking and actually rather moving.

And here’s some Leonard Cohen for you. Because even though he’s gone now, that’s one life that is definitely worth celebrating.

Music for an Ivory Violin – reviewed on Tangent!

Aurealis #74
Aurealis #74

I’ve finally had a chance to do some catching up on stuff, and look what I found: Chuck Rothman has reviewed Aurealis #74 on Tangent Online! He says Music for an Ivory Violin is:

 … an interesting tale of a unique form of revenge that avoids some of the problems with revenge stories.

Well. That’s quite good to hear. Thanks, Chuck!

(I wonder what revenge story problems I’ve avoided?)