I’m stuck. The WIP is sitting on about 88K and has done for the last two weeks. And now the insomnia has kicked in again. It’s 2.30 am. I’m sitting here wide awake with a glass of wine, staring out the window at the clouds drifting at breakneck speed across a winter dark sky. So far I’ve seen three shooting stars.

I think it’s because I can’t quite see the end. I feel like I should – this novel was only supposed to be about 90K. But I feel like I’m still only 2/3 of the way through the story and there is so much work still to do.

These clouds are terrifying. I feel like I’m watching a herd of fabulous beasts running hell-for-leather towards some purpose I can’t even guess at, and they’re far too vast and I’m far too insignificant for them to notice me standing here, head tipped back, wide-eyed and wondering.

3 thoughts on “Stuck

    1. I’m wary of just pressing on because I’m just so unsure of where I’m going. Which tells me I need to do a bunch of work on figuring that out… 🙂 I’ve just participated in an online FB seminar where the idea of story “tentpoles” was floated. I’m wondering if I need to work out what the next tentpole is & write that, then I can fill in the gaps.

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