First post


I imagine that first posts are rarely scintillating. I don’t imagine I’m going to buck the trend here. But I’ve got to start somewhere, so here’s what I’m doing right now.

Somehow I have been lucky enough to strike the domestic bliss jackpot and establish the following Sunday morning routine:

  1. Sleep in (kids now old enough to feed & entertain themselves on weekend mornings)
  2. Get woken at 9.30 am by husband bearing cup of tea, breakfast in bed (today I got warm banana bread with butter) and laptop
  3. Write until kids become sufficiently annoying and husband sufficiently irate* that getting up becomes necessary.

This has suffered some mild variations over the last couple of weeks. First came the discovery of Pintrest (oh my, there’s a time waster), and now this…a bloggy websitey kind of thing. What theme to choose? What to write? What pages should I have? What does this button do? Argh! How do I…?

And now I see that it is after 1 pm. I’m  not up. I’m still in my pyjamas, and I haven’t written anything.

I have a first post, though, dammit.

*He really is lovely. See point 2.

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